Never Give Up

Never Give Up by Svali Book Study

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Jun 5th, 2024


Codi Bouknight


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12 weeks


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About the course

Never Give Up Part 1 is the autobiography of svali, a survivor of ritual abuse and mind control. In it, she describes what it is like to grow up as a child in a cult programming facility, and her relationships with both the programmers and her peers.

This book describes her memories of the years between birth and age 14, years when structural foundations and beliefs are instilled in a young child, until it ends with the author’s marriage to Satan. While this book is graphic and detailed in its descriptions, it can provide a unique glimpse into how one well-funded, organized occult group – the Jesuit Order – programs its children with a lifetime impact into the adult years.  (Credit Amazon description)


Each week, you will be assigned a certain number of pages to read on your own time.


You will be meeting on Wednesday at 7 pm CST with a group of other students to discuss your reflections on the book.


Your participation in this group discussion will likely give you additional insight on which to reflect.

Course Lessons

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