Reality of the Kingdom

In this series, explore kingdom principles and protocols, and how it is possible to walk in partnership with our heavenly inheritance and the resources of God.

Rise Up to Manifest the Kingdom
Experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven

If you are struggling with your identity or destiny, The Reality of the Kingdom course will reorient you in purpose. It's time to stop looking to the world and their doctrines for revelation on who you are and find purpose by partnering with Heaven. In this class, we will familiarize you with the revelations of the Kingdom of Heaven that are hidden in plain sight. This course will go deep into kingdom principles and protocols, and how it is possible to walk in partnership with our heavenly inheritance and the resources of God. The more understanding you gain from this course, the more you will unlock kingdom mysteries.

Live Between Heaven and Earth

Identify the Kingdom of God

Being a child of God means that you have access to the Kingdom. We go into what it truly means to be a joint-heir with Christ by teaching you about God's realm. We will identify what it means to be a part of God's society, have the right agenda, and allow God to reign in your heart.

Interpret Key Scripture

Jesus spoke in parables to share the hidden things with those who listen. This course will go through a number of Kingdom parables and will bring clarity to elements of the faith that can seem somewhat disparate, apart from the conversation of the kingdom.

Walk Between Realms

As you gain increasing awareness of your heavenly citizenship, you will never look at life the same. This course is all about understanding how Christians are designed to walk between realms. Grow as we help you to connect with God's supernatural Kingdom.

Bonus material

Take a deeper dive into revelation with these resources

Course Manual

Download the course manual to reference topics form the video you may have missed. The content in this class provides such a multifaceted reality, that you will want to take some time to focus on the mechanics in this manual.


After each lesson, you will have untimed quizzes to put your learning to the test. Quizzes will help you to evaluate where you need more understanding and where you need to study more.

Class Audio

We provide an mp3 recording so that you can listen on the go or during a long commute. Several scriptures are referenced throughout the course. Giving more opportunities to repeat the lessons anytime.

Daniel Duval

Daniel Duval is a highly sought-after Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) Coach. He is known for his effectiveness in the areas of inner healing and deliverance. He is an author, conference speaker, licensed minister, and radio host. He is also the Executive Director of BRIDE Ministries Church. He has published six books and hosts the Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval podcast. His vision is to promote unity in the body of Christ worldwide and assist in the creation and development of sheep nations.

Tap into God's Grace

An acknowledgement of the Kingdom of God and your role in it

Experience the Kingdom of God

This study will show you that the Kingdom of God is the body of Christ, come into the reality of being raised up to heavenly places.
  • Grow in the spirit by integrating into the culture and society of His Kingdom
  • Serve the kingdom of heaven in the realm where God is King
  • Find destiny by learning about the influence the Kingdom of God has

Course Lessons

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