Unlocking the Mystery of Prayer

In this series, develop a foundation for a powerful life of prayer by applying the importance of praying the Word of God and constructing effective prayers to engage in specific situations.

Pray on Another Level
Utilizing the art of prayer for better results

If you are a Christian struggling with an unsatisfactory prayer life, the Unlocking the Mysteries of Prayer course will change your prayer strategy! There are prayers that are effective, and there are prayers that are ineffective. This course is designed to train you in effective prayer. In this course, you will learn the importance of praying the Word of God. You will learn the keys that unlock the vast resources we have received in Jesus Christ, yet fail to walk in due to our own ignorance. This class is designed to explode a radical prayer life in you that will permanently shift your walk with God.

Master the Art of Prayer

Prepare in the Spirit

Similar to the natural, there are spiritual senses. We will help you learn how to activate spiritual senses, and how to engage them in the spirit realm. This class is designed to activate the power of the Word of God in your life to go beyond lukewarm prayers.

Use Powerful Praise

The camps of the enemy go into confusion when we ignite praise & worship. But many Christians do not understand the significance of praise & thanksgiving. We will show you what it means to connect to first estate with this powerful expression.

Write Effective Prayers

Prayer is an art form. Some may say that there is no wrong way to pray. Unfortunately, this is incorrect, and downright misleading. We will teach you how to construct prayers that are effective and work to make things happen in the natural and spirit.

Bonus material

Take a deeper dive into revelation with these resources

Prayer Journaling

Each class takes you through key elements to build your prayer life. After each session, you will be able to journal. The journaling requirements will increase little by little to enhance the contents of your prayer journal.


After each lesson, you will have untimed quizzes to put your learning to the test. Quizzes will help you to evaluate where you need more understanding and where you need to study more.

Class Audio

We provide an mp3 recording so that you can listen on the go or during a long commute. Several scriptures are referenced throughout the course. Giving more opportunities to repeat the lessons anytime.

Daniel Duval

Daniel Duval is a highly sought-after Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) Coach. He is known for his effectiveness in the areas of inner healing and deliverance. He is an author, conference speaker, licensed minister, and radio host. He is also the Executive Director of BRIDE Ministries Church. He has published six books and hosts the Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval podcast. His vision is to promote unity in the body of Christ worldwide and assist in the creation and development of sheep nations.

Pray with Power

A lesson on how to use the Word of God for powerful prayers

Pray Strategically

This study will lay a powerful foundation for a powerful life of prayer that will carry you into an empowered ministry in Christ.
  • Achieve satisfactory prayer times and secure the results you want in prayer
  • Disperse the confusion of not knowing what to pray as you learn to apply scripture
  • Release the angelic by the power of the Word of God

Course Lessons

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